Case discussion: 5 slides scanned by 100x oil lens

Brief medical history: Wu Moumou - female - 74

Complaints: He was admitted to the hospital for "dizziness and weakness for more than half a year, abdominal pain for 1 week"

Present medical history: Patients 2021-08 due to dizziness, decreased appetite, local hospital visits, blood routine shows three systems reduction, bone marrow puncture, specific reports are not seen. Patients come to our hospital for further treatment. Previous history of blood pressure 7 to 8 years. Physical examination: refreshment, mental atrophy. Anemia appearance, the skin is not scattered in the bleeding point, the superficial lymph of the whole body is not touched, the liver and spleen are not touched under the ribs, and the weight loss in the past half a month is more than 10 pounds.

----Please use google translator to turn the Chinese to English.

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