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Bionovation Image Cytometry

Light field, fluorescence, dark field, hologram... Sample information can be maximized from images obtained by different imaging techniques. The amount of information saved in image is much larger than that of single detection technology.
  • Fast Scanning

    Equipped with the camera using the fastest CMOS chip to date, combining with real time image...

  • Real Time Deep Learning Image Processin

    The images are processed in real time by 4 high performance deep learning GPU workstations.

  • Annotated Sample Library for Deep Learning

    The catalogs are set up according to the diagnostic classifications of hematology, cytology.

  • Other Products and Services

    Customized service for scanning hardware of OEM; Collection of Sample Database



High speed, high magnification microscope scanner for hematology, microbiology and cytology. With 100x oil objective, the entire slide (20x40mm) could be digitalized in 1 minute. Extremely fast fluorescence scanning is also available with TDI camera, with 60x oil APO NA1.4 objective, 2 minutes for entire slide, one color. Complete AI tools enable our user to annotate and train AI apps by themselves and copyright it. The copyrighted AI apps could be traded in our AI app store to share.

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